Motorcyclists lead authorities on a chase up I-75 before crashing Saturday

Motorcyclists lead authorities on a chase up I-75 before crashing Saturday

Monday, February 5, 2024–9:38 a.m.

-Georgia State Patrol-

A pursuit involving two motorcycles that started in Bartow County Saturday ended with crashes in Gordon County.

According to the Georgia State Patrol:

While patrolling on I-75 NB MM 289, in Bartow County at around 10:18 a.m., troopers noticed two black sport motorcycles pass them that were not displaying a tag. Once troopers caught up to the motorcycles, they activated his emergency equipment and attempted to stop the motorcycles. Both riders refused to stop, initiating a pursuit. Both riders began to drive extremely recklessly in an attempt to flee and reached speeds of 140 mph, weaving in and out of heavy traffic.

Troopers focused on the motorcycle with the white male rider who had a white helmet and black jacket. The other rider had a red helmet and a black jacket with a blue undershirt. This rider followed the pursuit from a short distance observing his partner being pursued. The rider continued fleeing with complete disregard for his safety or the safety of the motoring public. The rider sped up to 116 MPH near MM 291. Troopers made multiple unsuccessful attempts to channel the motorcycle.

The pursuit entered Gordon County on I-75 where other Troopers, MCCD officers, and Gordon County deputies joined the pursuit and attempted to form a box around the motorcycle at MM 307 and MM 315 but it was unsuccessful as the rider was able to dart through as the second motorcycle exited at exit 310. At MM 317 the rider darted over into the left side of a trooper’s vehicle, forcing him into the middle lane. A third box-in was attempted at MM 319, in the left lane.

The rider, in an attempt to evade the box-in, struck the rear of a trooper patrol car and began to wobble across the middle lane. The rider lost control of his motorcycle, and overturned on its left side in the right lane, before being ejected off the motorcycle. Gordon County Deputies attempted to stop but were unsuccessful and struck the rear tire of the motorcycle as it was leaning over. As the deputy was coming to a stop, they struck the rider with the lower part of their patrol vehicle. The rider was transported to Hamilton Medical Center for treatment.

At 10:40 am, a few moments after the first motorcycle crashed, the second motorcycle appeared and refused to stop, initiating a second pursuit with Troopers and MCCD officers. The second rider continued fleeing northbound on I-75 in the same reckless manner. The rider was wearing a black jacket with a blue undershirt and a red helmet. Troopers attempted to box in the rider on two separate occasions but were unsuccessful.

At approximately 10:43 am, troopers attempted a third box in the left lane of I-75 MM 325. The rider in an attempt to evade the box-in steered left into a Troopers patrol vehicle and struck the front push bumper with the rear tire of the motorcycle. The rider lost control and laid the motorcycle on its left side and the driver was ejected. The rider was also secured and transported to Hamilton Medical Center.

The make of the motorcycle was a BMW 1000RR. Both were reported stolen out of Greenville, SC.